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Muslin 4 Layers Ethnic Patterned Bedspread


Discover our perfect fabric, muslin! Made from 100% cotton with a natural structure and flexible threads, our muslin fabric stands out with its breathable and antibacterial properties. Additionally, our muslin fabrics are pre-washed, making them ready for immediate use. This special treatment enhances the softness of the muslin fabric while making it even more durable.
Crafted from high-quality threads, our muslin fabrics are designed for long-lasting use. They maintain their shape and softness even after washing. Furthermore, they offer the convenience of quick drying.
Choose from a wide range of colors and patterns available in our muslin fabrics. You can select the one that matches your baby's room or suits your style.
Experience our perfect muslin fabrics and enjoy a natural, soft, and elegant touch!
Contact us for more details, as a manufacturer firm, we can adjust everything depending on your demands!Washing instructions:
· It is recommended to wash at 30 degrees Celsius.
· Bleaching should not be done.
· Ironing is not recommended.
· Tumble drying should not be done.
· Dry cleaning should not be applied.
Please note that these instructions are provided for muslin fabric. Following these instructions will help maintain the quality and durability of your muslin fabric, ensuring the best usage experience.